Chargeable Work Orders:  Definition and Examples


Chargeable work orders are departmental requests for non-routine maintenance where the requesting department is responsible for expenses. All material costs associated with these work orders will be charged to the individual department. Whether or not labor will be charged is determined by the type of work requested. If a work request is deemed to be a chargeable work order, the department will be notified prior to any work being done. Facilities Management will provide a cost estimate by request. If Facilities Management cannot accommodate your request due to limited resources, you will be asked to complete the Project Request Form.  Please contact Facilities Management at x2616 if you would like confirmation as to whether labor will be charged.


Examples of chargeable work orders when only materials will be charged:


         Attaching items to building:

Bulletin Boards
Marker Boards
Bulletin Boards
Marker Boards
Wall Shelves
Televisions and Mounts

Departmental Clocks Cabinets (earthquake safety)

         Departmental Signage

         Departmental vehicle repairs (excluding Auxiliary and Transit vehicles)

         Technical Packages for Classrooms

         Facility Renovations and Refurbishing:

Change in use of space



         Unscheduled flooring replacement/modifications




         Kitchen maintenance (excluding Dearmont Kitchen Lab)

         Hazardous material disposal 

         Painting of the Student Activity Council Boards on back of Power Plant

         Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) drawings


 Examples of chargeable work orders when both labor and materials will be charged:


         Assembly, repair, or modifications to departmental and office equipment or furniture (including but not limited to):

Laboratory Equipment

File Cabinets (Repairs & Unlocking)

Moveable Wall Partitions

Athletic equipment

Furniture Assembly

Furniture Lock Installation

Office Chairs

Desk Accessory Installation

Desk Modifications (ie: for electric cords)

Office Desk/Drawer Repair

Departmental Appliances (ie: washers/dryers)                                                               

         Unscheduled Sport Flooring replacement/modifications

         Special event set up or tear down (including but not limited to):

Show Me Center Events

University Tent (for non-University related functions)

Event Requests Without Three Business Days Notice

         Moving and Hauling requests without three business days notice

         Electrical additions and modifications

         Plumbing additions and modifications

         Installation, repair, and maintenance of departmental card swipe entry systems

         Changing door lock functions

         Lock/core replacement due to loss of keys or departmental request

         Window treatment replacement due to preference

         Auxiliary and Transit vehicle maintenance and repairs

         Necessary repairs caused by outside vendor contracted with department without prior authorization from Facilities Management

         Dearmont Kitchen Lab repairs and/or renovations

         Equipment usage and operators for non-routine maintenance items

         Deliveries to or from off-campus vendors or locations

         Support of non-University athletic events

         Any request that is unreasonable in scope or time schedule may be charged.


All damages within residence halls and leased facilities are 100% chargeable (Labor and Materials). Examples include:


         Furniture and equipment damages

         Elevator damages

         Building damages

         Lock and/or core damage

         Broken windows and window coverings



Service Requests - Definition and Examples


Service requests will not be charged to individual departments and include routine maintenance and repairs to all University facilities.

Examples of service requests:


         Carpentry repairs (due to normal wear and tear):






         Electrical repairs

         Elevator repairs

         Plumbing repairs

         Custodial requests

         Grounds maintenance

         Repairs to door locks due to normal wear and tear

         Maintenance and repair to parking lots, roads, and walks

         Pest control


         Maintenance and repair of:

Fire alarms

Emergency exits

Emergency lights

         Snow removal

         Support Services requests with proper scheduling

         Taking items to surplus

         Temperature & humidity control