Welcome to Facilities Management's web-based work order system.  This internet Service Desk (iSD) allows customers to electronically submit non-emergency work requests to Facilities Management (FM), and to review labor and material charges associated with the resulting work orders.  iSD also provides a web-based method to request consumable supplies.

  • Site Menu: Instructions - Step-by-step instructions for utilizing the options in the bar at the left side of the page.

  • Site Menu: Charge Policy - Definitions and Examples of Chargeable Work Orders, Service Requests, Academic Remodeling Requests, and Administrative Remodeling Requests

  • Work Request: Submit a Request - To submit a work request to FM.

  • Work Request:  Query Request - To check on the status of a request previously submitted.  Use this option if you do not know your work request number.

  • Work Order:  Query a Work Order - To check on the status of a work order.  Use this option if you do not know your work order number.

  • Consumable Supplies: Catalog Search- To submit a request to Central Receiving for consumable supplies.

  • Search by Number - To check on your work request or work order.  You will need to know the number to use this option.

Our goal is that iSD is easy to access, easy to use, and informational.  If you need help using the system, please click on the instructions link or call 651-2349.